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Bryan Neil (Chips) Rafferty

Chips Rafferty was born on 01/05/1933 in Bellshill, Lanarkshire and now lives and makes in Cardiff. Whilst Chips has been many things; Radar Operator, Woolworths Store Manager, Music Promoter, Nurse, he’s always been an Artist.

At the second time of asking he completed his National Service, as a merchant seaman he had his first glimpse of the world. Come the 1960′s, Chips returned to Britain and trained as a commercial photographer. He found a home in the burgeoning psychedelic movement, experimentation with sixties culture and philosophies channelled a natural creativity into painting.

Unsatisfied with “just” painting,  Chips used a variety of different paints, textures and techniques. As his work developed it was projected at rock concerts and his work still retains this strong connection to music. Chips often explains his process as a cathartic action, similar to that of the musician or writer. He likes his paintings to be digested in much the same manner.  Through its abstraction, Chips’ work asks the viewer to provide their own landscape, their own meaning.

By the end of the decade Chips had given up the day job and was now concentrating on his artistic practice full-time, he left the U.K to seek inspiration. He looked fairly extensively and found it everywhere. Chips exhaustively toured Asia, amassing a wealth of influences and an armoury of anecdotes, many of which you can hear, here.

Chips returned to Cardiff at the beginning of the 1990′s to focus on his artistic practice. He hopes you like his work and rest assured,  Chips still isn’t satisfied with “just” painting. If you have any questions or want any more info, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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